Tuesday, 20 March 2018

5 minute bright and beautiful broccoli salad

Last year, I was introduced something called broccoli salad my my other half's family and have craved it continuously ever since. It was only until this week that I made it for myself, and can't believe how quick it is to make.

This bright, colourful and speedy recipe is great at a summer barbeque, or to serve up as a side at a buffet or with your favourite hot or cold meat. Its various flavours and textures create a perfectly balanced sweet and nutty taste, and will soon become your go-to quick-fix snack.

So here is the recipe for this super easy, tasty salad.


Thursday, 15 March 2018

My Spring/Summer Cosmetic Must-Haves 2018

A while back, I created a post on my skin care routine and really enjoy sharing with you my top beauty and skin care hacks, especially when it comes to solutions for redness or sensitive skin.

I have since been trialling out some new products and thought I'd share with you my top recommendations as well as those on my wish list to buy in the next few months having seen these as part of YouTube tutorials or have wanted for a while.

That's another thing worth mentioning too; I've more recently become OBSESSED with watching make-up tutorials online and really eager to better at applying make-up, especially on the eyes. Which bring us on to my number one 2018 must-have/ need...

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette £43
I actually blame the whole of YouTube for making me want this palette as and have fallen completely in love with how pigmented its shades are. The yellow and green's stand out the most for me, and would love to have these in time for my holiday in May to create some really stand out looks. The other matte and sultry shades will also work well with my other palettes too, so would be well worth the investment as I appreciate this isn't a cheap product.


Monday, 12 March 2018

Banyan's Bang Bang Chicken At Home Recipe

Once again I wanted to share with you one my my favourite dine-out dinners and how you can re-create it at home. Something I really enjoy is going out and exploring new dishes, and then bringing then adapting these in my own kitchen for a restaurant-style evening at home, whilst cutting the cost!

Banyan seems to be one of our top lunchtime spots at work for birthdays or payday lunches, and have always opted for the Bang Bang Chicken Salad - not necessarily to be healthy but because I just love a bit of peanutty goodness in my life! When this dish is served at Banyan, the chicken is warm but the salad cold, which I think works well, but at home, I prefer to serve my chicken and veg piping hot, with a side of crispy cold kale to really give it an extra savoury crunch. This also goes down a treat with a side of Halloumi if you're feeling extra hungry.


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The best crispy sticky chilli beef recipe

Following my recent post on my 2018 goals, this post really doesn't fit well with getting motivated to workout more, but I did create this recipe before the health goals began so that's alright, right?

Whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant I'm torn between a prawn of crispy beef dish, as both always have a lot of flavour. I've wanted to try out this classic takeaway dish at home for some time since a colleague of mine suggested it, and can honestly say it's the tastiest, most indulgent dish I have ever made.

I've not had chance to perfect it yet either, having only made it once.. so can only imagine how it will taste after cooking it and adapting it a few times.

What I love about this dish is that although the beef is fried and crispy and therefor not nutritious, the colours from fresh vegetables compliment the meat and makes the meal fresh and zesty.

So here's how I made this amazing Chinese takeaway alternative...


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My 2018 goals: Making it my year

I recently had a short break from prawnstarmartini, not for any other reason than wanting some real 'me time' over Christmas really, but it got me thinking just how bad I am at sticking to things, following passions I do have and keeping up my excitement about something. With that, and in so many other personal situations in my life, I can be pretty negative and that's something I want to change about me.

It sounds stupid, as I have no real reason to be negative and bothers me that I think bad of people and situations at times, but sometimes I can't help it. I do think there are a number of things I can do to be more positive and to be cliche, maybe the new year is the time that I can force myself into being more positive and to see what follows.

Here are a few things I'd like to focus on in 2018 to help me with those good vibes...

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