Thursday, 28 September 2017

10 things to know about me

Over a week since my last blog post and I'm already having withdrawal symptoms - I'm just so committed!

Whilst in the background I am trying to put together some of my latest recipes, I wanted to share with you a kind of secondary introductory blog post and share some facts about myself that you may (or may not!) find interesting.

I often think I'm one of the most boring people on the planet as I HATE the dreaded question "What do you like to do in your spare time?" .... so this is actually a pretty interesting challenge for myself.

Anyway, here goes.

I'm a twin
I suppose that in itself is pretty interesting, and I'm incredibly close to her. We spent a few years apart whilst she moved away which kind of killed us both a little despite phoning and Facetiming nearly everyday. It's pretty incredible that my mum is a twin too and are also a couple of sets on my dad's side as well. It's hard to describe the bond you have as a twin, and even though we fall out in lumps every other day, it's impossible to hold a grudge. And yes we do sometimes say the exact same thing at the exact same time, or sing the exact same lyric at the exact same time! Crazy really.

I love roses 
This speaks for itself but I don't know why I love them so much. Maybe it's because they are so English and pretty. but I always wanted rose printed clothing when I was younger and still love rosey accessories. If I do ever have a baby girl, her middle name will have to be Rose!

I put way too much pressure on myself 
Weirdly, I only came to accept this a couple of days ago when I had taken all of my hair extensions out and got my natural hair chopped (ready for a new set.) My Mum is a hairdresser so she did it for me, but before she did, I was telling her how much I hate my natural hair and dreaded taking them out and don't feel womanly or confident without them. Which is actually really sad. At this point I then reeled off all the other things I'm not happy with physically and she told me I'm ridiculous and have nothing to worry about, which is probably true. I think it genuinely worried her about how much pressure I put on myself. It's really weird because I am a confident person, but over analyse myself and certain situations. I'm the same at work too, I'm never 100% happy with what I do!

I've never been on a long hail flight
Although this doesn't bother me, it is on my list to go somewhere more exotic and further away than a four hour flight! There's so much more I want to explore and Canada is always been a dream of mine, and fingers crossed if all goes to plan - I should be going mid next year.

My house if full of candles
And I mean FULL. It's on going joke with sister how much I love them because my addiction is out of control. But who cares? Everybody loves a yummy smelling home.

I don't actually love to cook . 
Sounds pretty bad considering I talk about it so much doesn't it?! But I sometimes I feel way to impatient to perfect things and get too hungry  and end up rushing the end result. That's why the majority of my recipes and ideas are flavoursome but quick. Working long hours with a boyfriend that gets pretty ratty if he doesn't eat leaves no time to mess around!

I love Christmas
Autumn. Winter. Snow. You name it, if it's cosy I love it. I'm so English and fair at heart that I can't cope with the heat, and much prefer wearing baggy jumpers and snuggling up with a gingerbread latte. Which bring me onto...

I'm a coffee addict
But massively. I've even got into having a posh coffee as soon as I wake up from my coffee machine and get seriously moody if I don't have time for one. Failing that, I'm lucky enough to work opposite Cafe Nero so cravings are never left ignored.

I love my job
I genuinely really do. That doesn't mean I don't get stressed or wound up at work, that's inevitable.  But I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else than working in PR and producing content. I get such pride from communicating with my clients and building rapport with them. If anything, the more challenging a client is, the more I like them! I wish all would ask questions and show an interest in the hard work you put in for them! For those who have never worked in an agency before, I really recommend it to anybody looking for a fun and vibrant working lifestyle.

I'm excited 
About the future of my career, prawnstarmartini, upcoming travels and the home I could potentially buy.

Now it's your turn to share an interesting fact...

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