Tuesday, 12 September 2017

An introduction

This might be harder than I thought.. but I will start by saying hello!

Rather than trying hard to introduce my new platform as 'prawnstarmartini' and what you can expect from it, I want to be honest and say I have no real idea as to what's in store here. Although I know the type things I want to share with you all and the topics I'd like to discuss, this space is a blank envelope that I'm sure will nurture and find its way in time. To do that I know I need to find my niche and feet.

So I thought the best way to do this would be to explain where I'm currently at and my vision. Working in PR for a range of glamorous and not-so-glamorous clients for almost six years now, it would be easy for me to say I understand this (journalism, creative, blogger scene?) well, but I really don't think I do. I can't help but notice I have never had a go-to way of recording my own thoughts and channelling my creativity in a way that is a coping mechanism for me to manage my own time and finding something I really enjoy. Instead, I tell myself my spare time should be spent at 0 miles per hour in order restore and manage a busy life schedule, but the problem with this is not being able really reflect on the things that make you happy and matter.

For those who do know me, I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate to say I am both hot headed and head strong, but that I always wear my heart on my sleeve - which undoubtedly has it's pro's and cons. With that, similar to trying to do well at work, save for a house and put the most into my (fab) relationship and family, it can be hard to manage emotions in different situations whilst believing you so strong-willed and self sufficient. Which bring me to the 'thoughts' section. Here you will find all things that intrigue me, excite me and even rile me. Some of it you may not relate to, but most of it I hope you can.

On a lighter note, those same people will also tell you how my love for garlic prawns and espresso martinis are a true thing, and is where the name has come from. With this in mind, I will also share with you the more vibrant side to working in the fast-paced industry, city centre living and the occasional yet spontaneous city break and adventures away.

Coming back to finding my feet, I can't wait for the journey to begin!

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