Friday, 15 September 2017

The best places for prawns in Leeds

I have to admit, every time I go for dinner I scour the menu to see what's on offer and can't help myself but judge it if there's not some form of prawn(s) available. Although I don't always opt for them, it's nice to have the choice.

I wanted to share with you where I think are the best places that serve the juiciest prawns in my city, Leeds.

My Thai 
My Thai Restaurant, Leeds may be small but it's most certainly spectacular. To make up for its size, they have two restaurants alone based in the centre - one on York Place and another at The Merrion Centre, Wade Lane. The atmosphere is romantic, yet the food fresh and authentic and is always dished up relatively quickly. They serve everything from steamed dumplings and Thai ribs to Tamarin duck. I opted for the king prawn pad Thai and wasn't disappointed. The prawns were big and held the sweet and nutty flavour from the sauce perfectly.

Las Igunanas
My second choice for my most-loved type of seafood in Leeds is Las Iguanas, and in fact inspired one of my favourite dishes to make on a week night after work - and that is their sizzling prawn fajitas. Although a little pricey, you do get four wraps and can be shared between two people if you're appetite isn't massive. They go down a treat with their crunchy sweet potato fries and aioli dip. They also offer 2-for-1 cocktails all day long, so there's no real excuse not to enjoy a complimenting mojito here too! 

La Casita 
La Casita, which translates to 'Little House' (of tapas in this case) is based about twenty minutes outside of the city centre in Horsforth. In my opinion, it is the best place for Tapas in the whole of West Yorkshire! The interior of the restaurant is both rustic and traditional and incredibly welcoming. There's a wide range of seafood, selected meats, cheeses and fish on offer that all compliment each other. Their roasted king prawns with garlic and spring onions are served with little soul breads that help clean up its delicious sauce that the prawns have bathed in. I was too eager to get stuck in to take a picture of the food in this case, but take my word for it - you'll want to keep going back for more. 

Firecracker prawns, ramen prawns and lolipop prawns, I'm always spoilt for choice at Wagamama. I'm not going to lie, my staple dish is their widely loved chicken katsu curry - which is why I love that they have so many different starter options available that suit my prawn needs! I have to say though, I was daring enough to opt for their 'FIREcracker' prawn dish a few months ago and though the clue was in the title, they were were HOT HOT HOT! I think if I had been a little more prepared for the kicks of chilli and ordered water with ice, they would of gone down a treat. 

My fifth and final recommendation is the wonderful Gusto, in Cookridge near Headingley. It's dark and mysterious setting is like no other and is the perfect place to celebrate a special event. It's atmosphere is always bustling and really makes you feel as if you are abroad and making the effort to dress up to go here will never be wasted. Their tiger prawns, (only available on the a-la-carte menu) are drenched in a creamy tomato sauce with artisan bread. Their lobster and prawn spaghetti is also to die to for. The portion sizes at Gusto are just as great as the flavours, too. They also have a second establishment in the centre of town, but I myself much prefer the set back restaurant in Cookridge. 

So there you have it, my top five favourite places for prawns in and around Leeds. 


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