Thursday, 26 October 2017

Best desk lunches in Leeds for under five pounds

Admittedly, I'm not the type to bring my lunch into work, I have tried and failed so can't act like it's something I will start doing, especially when I look forward to lunch time and getting away from my desk. It breaks up the day and I try to always get out and get some fresh air no matter how busy I may be.

What I don't always enjoy, however, is choosing where to eat when I'm starving and want something quick and cheap. I'd say I get two 'fancy' lunches per week in between soup and sandwiche shop pit-stops, and I'd say having working in Leeds town centre for a good few years now, I've got to know where all the good eats reside. Here are my top five favourite places to get something scrumptious to eat at lunchtime on a small budget.

Cafe Moor, Kirkgate Market 

I wouldn't say Middle Eastern/ North African cuisine is my all-time favourite, but Cafe Moor in The Kirkgate Market manages to cater for everybody. In addition to the meze-type choices in the picture below, they offer hummus meal deals and a selection of tradiotnal favourites. This includes Shawarma's (or wraps to me and you.) They offer these in a choice of shredded chicken, falafel and halloumi, rolled in a flatbread with garlic sauce, salad and pickles. Starting from £4.50, they're extremely filling, so don't be too temped to pick up a traditional sweet treat they call 'Baklava', as delicious as they look!

200 Degrees, Bond Street

This place hasn't been open all that long, but took me a whole six months to try it out. When I did, it became one of my fave places for coffee as it offers such a laid back atmosphere. Finding somewhere I feel comfortable going on my own is rare for me, but I know I can always come here to unwind midweek if I need to. There selection of cakes and sandwiches are also great to take out. When I last visited I enjoyed a broccoli and Stilton with three mini mixed salads. This came in at a little over six pounds, but I really didn't need the third (or probably second) salad as I underestimated the portion sizes!

If ,Call Lane 

Everybody I know that works in Leeds loves or has at least visited what used to be called 'Graze', mainly for their famous brownies and incredibly fresh bread. The seating area inside is rather small, but is perfect for grabbing a fresh sandwich when you feel like indulging. Although you'd struggle to get a drink and main for under five pounds, they are pretty filling and perfect for taking back to the office. I enjoyed this mozzarella, sundired tomato and pesto melt a few weeks ago. (It's a good spot for a gossip and catch up too, by the way.)

PizzaLuxe, Trinity Shopping Centre

I'm a huge fan of Trinity Kitchen, but hate how pricey it can be! It's not somewhere I'd go for dinner so it is more suitable for a lunchtime, but I can't seem to justify 9 pounds for a cheese toastie! When I want to treat myself, I often go to Rola Wala for an Indian rice bowl, but again, it comes to almost eight pounds. I went for a quick lunch with one of my best friends not long ago and he felt like pizza, so rolled with it because the queue wasn't too long. We ordered a 9 inch a pesto mozzarella which was the perfect amount to share as we weren't ridiculously hungry. It was fresh, crispy and light and not too stodgy, just how I like pizza to be. The cheapest pizza is £4.50 for a plain margarita, perfect for satisfying all your cheesy needs.

So there you have it, the best places for cheap lunches in Leeds. For more foodie posts, click here.

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