Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The best places for coffee on the outskirts of Leeds

It's ridiculous easy to find a good coffee spot in the city centre, especially in Leeds. This means satisfying my caffeine craving at work is effortless. The problem is, I don't always want to come back into town when at the weekend as I'm here all the time.

That's why I find myself venturing to find the best places for coffee in the suburbs of Leeds, and here's my verdict:

Mill Kitchen @ Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley

One of my favourite spots for breakfast and coffee in the whole of Leeds. I used to live in Farsley so this place was perfect when you're feeling a little worse for wear, or fancy somewhere stylish to meet family and friends for breakfast, lunch or brunch. I highly recommenced their cappuccinos and macchiatos, served in a small hand-held glass that keeps it perfectly hot whilst enjoying your food. For breakfast, I always opt for their shakshuka eggs, a perfect tomato and peppery, eggy combination with a side of sourdough toast. Their menu is pretty organic, nutritious and very delicious. Top tip: Venture here after the breakfast/ brunch rush to ensure you get a seat!

Salvos Salumeria, Headingley

Now I have boasted about this place A LOT on my Instagram account and think I will continue to forever. Salvos in Headingley is a beautiful restaurant come night, and has an extra deli open through the day. Nesting exactly one door down from the restaurant itself, the salumeria uses fresh produce from the main restaurant to create meat boards, fresh sandwiches, Italian salads and take-out goodies such as homemade brownies and cannolis (just like those from La Roma!) Now I am a milky coffee fan and don't always fancy an Americano, but the plain coffee here is outstanding and really compliments the fantastic flavours in the food they serve up.

Woodlawn Coffee Co, Horsforth

You only have to google this place and it speaks for itself. For those that love a cosey and relaxed atmosphere, somewhere to take your laptop for a few hours work, this new coffee shop is Horsforth is a delight. Its interior is modern yet warm and features 60's style art, free infused water and a real sense of community. Independently ran, Woodlawn offers locally sourced produce within its array of coffee and cakes. Head on down (or up) to try it out for yourself.

Granary Restaurant, Crag House Farm

If you you love to discover places that are really set back and secret, then you will love it here. Crag House Farm is part of a family-ran charity 'Caring For Life' that aims to guide vulnerable people to leading more stabled lives. It was my partner's parents that suggestion we go here one early morning when we fancied a drive out and a yummy breakfast, so thought we'd give it a try. Set on the back roads on the way up to Cookridge, the farm also comprises of a gift shop and mini garden centre.  In the Granary Restaurant, the food and coffee are outstanding - and tastes even better knowing the proceedings are going towards a good cause.

And a final picture of myself enjoying coffee in Rome:


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