Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Why I love change in seasons - The Autumn Edit

Ok, so it's an ongoing joke at work that I fall in love with Christmas way too early in the year and shouldn't even be thinking about the 'C' word until at least November, but in my books, Autumn is the perfect excuse to plan and get excited for the festive period.

It's not just Christmas that makes me love the transition from summer to Autumn either, it's the  sense of being settled and relaxed that comes with it.

With this said, I've listed the top reasons why I love this change in season so much...

Red wine 

I would never disrespect my love of red wine by suggesting that it can only be consumed in the colder months, but it just feels so much more 'right' when it's cold outside, you're snuggled up at home and enjoying heartier meals. I tend to associate deep reds with more relaxed things to do such as writing and watching films, two of my favourite things to do.

Nights In 

In the last couple of year's I've settled down a lot, and much prefer to stay in. At one point I was out every night from Thursday to Sunday and got so fed up with constantly feeling rough, so I guess dreading getting back into that routine kind of sticks. With this though comes pressure to go out, but sometimes I just don't feel it. Don't get me wrong I do like to let my hair down, just not as often these days! I generally think people tend to stay in more towards the end of the year which makes me feel like staying in is a bit more acceptable.


For me, this is for sure the part leading up to Christmas that I enjoy the most - and that's putting effort into planning what presents I think my family and friends will really enjoy and use. It takes me forever to choose a birthday card for someone and I'm no different with presents. I use this time to really listen (because I don't always, ha ha!) to my close ones and do a bit of investigation to work out what type of gift they'd really like and benefit from. The joy of going out and searching for something that's really matched to their personality makes it a really fun experience.

Family Time

Where's there's an excuse to spend time with my family, I'm there. This picture with my nephews sums that right up:

Fresh, crisp air 

Summer air can be really draining and I just love the smell of fresh, clean air that you just don't get in summer. Not only that, running errands on a lunchtime at work is just so much more enjoyable when you're not melting! It's easier to warm and wrap up than cool yourself down after deciding to wear too many clothes, and can moderate my body temperature a lot easier! I tend to feel a lot healthier when taking in the brisk, chilly air, too. I just quickly Googled the top benefits of cold weather, and it'd win-win all round!

Colour palettes / new beauty launches

Allll the beauty benefits rolled into one actually. That also included the less of a need to self-tan too. I'm a fan of cherry red and purple lips, and doesn't look great in summer as its too much maintenance. I love the fact you can throw on a big coat and chunk scarf and not really have to care about what's underneath if you're just going to work or to the shops. I can also put to use my fave Urban Decay Naked palettes that compliment the rest of my winter make-up.

Keep posted for more Autumnal recipes too!


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