Monday, 20 November 2017

A/W Fashion: Inspiring my wardrobe with a winter wish list

Since I have my first party scheduled in this year already (2nd December) it's got me thinking how close Christmas really is and that I seriously need to consider my seasonal style now we're more or less in Winter now.

I have always preferred Autumnal fashion, as I think darker clothes generally suit my complexion more, whereas in Summer, I do tend to struggle to find paler and brighter clothes that suit me. I know I can always rely on a grungy leopard print too, but having recently looked through my wardrobe and noticing just how many animal print clothes I have, I need to stay away.

My dreaded work's Christmas party is also coming up (I say dreaded because every time it comes round I flap about what to wear) so I need to buck my ideas up and search for the perfectly smart casual, yet stand-out, yet appropriate dress. What a nightmare.

With that said, I have put together a few items I'd love to get my hands on before Christmas, with just a hint of leopard print.

1. Burgundy Choker Crop, PLT, £25

I've been looking for a statement tie or crop top for sometime now to go with my favourite pair of flared bottom trousers as they come up quite high. I love this colour and have a variety of lipsticks that would go with it. I never know what size crop tops to hear as they can be tight around the bust and too small around the waist, or the other way around. For this price though I could always return for a different size.

2. 'One In A Million' Katie Loxton Clutch, £16.99

I love Katie Loxton ever since my boyfriend's sister bought me the 'Gorgeous' cream sparkly version of this evening bag. It's the perfect size and forces you not to take too much out with you because of its narrow size. I've had my eyes on the deeper colours for a while now, but think this blue colour would look so classy with a classic LBD.

3. Emerald Brooke Chenille Jumper, Boohoo, £20

Back to my work's Christmas party, I have it fixated in my head that I'd like an emerald green dress, but haven't quite been able to find one I love. Of course that got me thinking how I could still wear this colour this season. This jumper looks so authentic and cosy, I just might purchase it.

4. Chan Luu Leopard Scarf, Net-a- Porter, £155

Now I did say not a lot of leopard print which is true, and the reason this is on my wish list is that I could never really spend this much on an accessory, but there's something but I really love the combination of grey, black and brown on this classic scarf. It's made of a silk blend too which I imagine would be really comfortable around the neck.

5. Sophia Websiter Leopard Boot, Sophia Webster, £684

Now I really am dreaming with this price tag, but I stumbled across these whilst looking for an alternative pair by Top Shop and fell immediately in love with these. I've followed Sophia's Instagram for a while now and have always loved her designs, and this boot is me down to a tee. I love how the jewels are so subtly animal print and would look amazing with a mini skirt and thick black tights. I just love love love *sigghs.*

6. Navy Blue Ruched Shape Dress, PLT, £20.00

Again, I found this number whilst browsing for a Christmas dress and really wish I had a more relevant (I mean big night out) reason to buy this for. It's a tad short for a work's do but would dress it up with a big choker and dangly earrings if I did go for it.

About earrings, I had my ears pierced (for about the fifth time) three months ago since they healed up when I was a bit younger. I'm so excited to wear bold ones on Christmas day as I think long earrings can add a sense of sophistication to any outfit.

Here's a very festive snap wearing one bright colour I do seem to pull off, Fuschia...

So there you have it, my ultimate winter wardrobe/ party season wish list. Keep checking my lifestyle posts to see what items I do buy, and what I do choose to wear for my work's Christmas party.

H x 


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