Thursday, 16 November 2017

How I fought redness and perfected my 2017 skincare routine

Now when I set out to start my blog, I didn't think for a minute I would be sharing any kind of beauty tips, because I am far from an expert in that field.  However, at the beginning of this year I was pretty unhappy with my skin. I'm not talking about breakouts (although I am prone just like everybody else) or acne, but I was down about the dryness and redness I suffered from on my face.

Although I'm not the palest girl out there, I am fair and unfortunately those with fairer skin do tend to suffer more from redness and 'embarrassed chest' (can't be just me that knows what that is?!). I've talked it about it before, how I put a lot of pressure on myself and compare myself to others, and my skin has often been a big part of that.

I'm in no way stating I have Rosacea (a skin condition that causes redness) either, but I do think I have a mild case of it, due to my skin being to sensitive. Below is a picture of JUST HOW sensitive it can be, caused by a Soap & Glory face wash.

This happens in January and was a bit of a turning point for me,  knowing that I couldn't use a lot of presents I got for Christmas because of the sensitivity, and from here I started to notice a lot about how many products were actually affecting my face. I looked into different products that would help cool down my skin, and have always wanted to try Clinique's anti-redness range, but reviews never lived up to expectation and didn't want to risk the expensive price tag.

But back to Christmas presents, my lovely Grandma had bought me a few new Clarins products -a brand my skin doesn't react to - and this included the Hydra-Essential Silky Cream, designed to provide ultra hydration for dry skin. I of course gave it a go and fell in love with its light and soothing texture. The cream felt really silky and was always at a cooling temperature and immediately relieved my skin. Using this for a couple of months, I found that this, along with a natural make-up remover were my saviour.

My routine 
  • Garner Miceller Cleansing Water 
I start by removing any remaining make-up with this product. I've tried numerous Miceller waters, including those that are rose-water based which I love the smell of, but never fully removes everything. This Garnier product also leaves a more hydrating set, rather than rough which is another thing I love about it. 
  • Cold Water
I then splash my face with really cold water to really cool down and refresh my face. It's also a very good wake up tactic for those difficult mornings! 
  • Clarins Gentle Refiner 
I then take the Clarins Gentle Refiner face scrub, made up of small micro beads for gentle exfoliation. The smell is very clean, and only need a pea size to cover the whole face. I massage this in thoughrouly but gentle, again rinsing with cold water. This product is great for removing any dead skin cells around the corner of the nose and product build up on the side of the face. 
  • Clarins Hydra-Quench Silky Cream 
I then apply a finger-sized amount of this miracle cream to the whole of my face. It’s also SPF 15 so on holiday I really did benefit from its cooling agent. 
  • Bio Oil - (Night time only)
For my bedtime skincare routine, as silly as it may sound, I use Bio Oil to completely drench my skin. Like putting lipbalm on before bed, it works as a masque that sets into the skin and works overnight to add full moisture, leaving the skin silky smooth for the morning. 
  • Stila One Step Correct -  (Day time only)
For a long time I thought that primers were a fad, until I found one with green components, known for balancing out the colour red. Other green cover-up products I have tried in the past have been thick, almost working as a concealer that don’t blend in and in fact make your problem areas look worse than what they are. This primer, however, is light on the skin and provides a healthy glow before applying your make up. It’s made up of three colours and also helps to stop beneath the eyes look solemn.

I would then apply my make-up on top of what now feel revitalised skin, giving it the perfect base to build up coverage through foundation and use powder blushes and products without the worry of it drying up towards the end of the day.

I have now set up a cosmetics category, so that I can now include any beauty/ skin care hacks I'd like to share with you all. 



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