Thursday, 4 January 2018

How I maintain my highlights: Top coloured shampoos

It's crazy to think that this time last year my hair was a very dark brown, and just six months before that it was jet black.

I've mentioned before about my typically English complexion, so such a bold colour really washed me out. At the time I thought it was an easy colour to maintain as I just kept topping up my roots with a home dye, but was in fact causing the colour to build up and up and therefor put more strain on my  naturally fine hair.

So I opted for some highlights some time ago which only lifted it a couple of shades lighter; but even that made my whole face and look much softer, and decided I wanted to brighten up my face and hair even more. I spent the next three months having crown and partial highlights every six-eight weeks to get to my desired colour (below.)

Now I only have to have my highlights freshened up every three months, as I have learnt to maintain and look after my bleached hair. It's taken some time to find products that don't dry the highlights out and hold the brightness of them. After using a fair few products, here are my go-to's:

Matrix Total Results - Brass Off

Not only does this product have a super ace name, its results are fantastic. It was recommended to me by my hairdresser so I already knew I'd like it, but was really surprised with how immediate the results were. I have used many coloured shampoos in the past, including the popular Touch of Silver by Pro:voke and the Jerome Russell B Blonde wash-in toner. The problem with these products though, is that they tend to leave the hair looking a dark ashy blonder after regular use, rather than just strips the orange tones, which is what Brass Off does. Its colour is an in-between blue/ purple, meaning it neutralising brassy tones. I use this once a week, drenching my root to ends with the product and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing. Almost every time I use this shampoo people tell me how much blonder or brighter my hair looks, which is always a good feeling!

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo 

One thing I didn't mention above is that I also wear hair extensions, meaning I have to use a shampoo that is sulphate free in order to hold together the strength of the hair. Non-sulphate shampoo has a number of benefits for natural hair too and generally has a lot less chemicals than ones that do contain it. I particularly like OGX as their whole hair care product range is known for not having sulphates in them. I always opt for the coconut milk shampoo which nourishes the hair and leaves it really shiny at the same time.  On my non-silver shampoo washing hair nights, this is perfect for bringing out the different blends in highlighted blonde hair. Non-sulphate shampoos can often not lather up as regular ones, but this becomes pretty soapy so feels like your hair is getting a good cleanse. The only down side to this is that it can be rather hard to squeeze out of the bottle and really have to shake out the product.

Joico Colour Balance Blue Shampoo

I was told a while ago that it's also good to sue blue shampoo if you have naturally dark hair. Though mine isn't too dark, my hair beneath my extensions and in-between my highlights is a lot darker than the blonde shades and doesn't always contrast well. To help balance this out, I invested in Joico's blue shampoo that contains a formula to correct any darker  brassy tones within highlights or ombre hair. Again, I use this once a week as part of my coloured shampoo hair care routine and always gives it a new lease of life. Their 'Balance' range has products for the majority of dyed hair colours to help sustain your desired/ just left the hairdressers look.

Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Gold Conditioning Mask
Unfortunately, pigmented hair care products are never going to be 'good' for your hair, but can be made un-damaging if used correctly and not too frequently. My top tip is, for any amount of time you leave these type of products on your hair (often five minutes), leave a good conditioner on for double the amount of time.

So there you have it, a look into my weekly hair colour maintenance routine. I do wash my hair with regular non-sulphate shampoo in between this once a week too, meaning I only have to wash it twice a week.

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