Wednesday, 10 January 2018

My 2018 goals: Making it my year

I recently had a short break from prawnstarmartini, not for any other reason than wanting some real 'me time' over Christmas really, but it got me thinking just how bad I am at sticking to things, following passions I do have and keeping up my excitement about something. With that, and in so many other personal situations in my life, I can be pretty negative and that's something I want to change about me.

It sounds stupid, as I have no real reason to be negative and bothers me that I think bad of people and situations at times, but sometimes I can't help it. I do think there are a number of things I can do to be more positive and to be cliche, maybe the new year is the time that I can force myself into being more positive and to see what follows.

Here are a few things I'd like to focus on in 2018 to help me with those good vibes...

Save, save save!

I've always been a nightmare for saving and although I've got a lot better in the last year or so (having a sensible partner helps!) I still panic buy, put my hair first and generally buy clothes I don't need. IT'S AN ADDICTION. My first 'house aim' is to clear out my wardrobe, sell and give to charity unwanted items and really get the most out of what I have. I know this will allow me to save so much more money each month which will help me look forwards to the future and really feel like I'm making progress with my savings.

Follow my passion for singing

I'm in no way claiming I have the best voice in the world, but I've figured I love it and should probably do more of what makes me happy. Those who do know me will know that I constantly sing, have a passion for music, of many kinds and can recite lyrics really really easily. I've thought about doing some covers and recording for a long time, but would also like lessons. It's something I'm going to look into this year, and hope it will bring me some 'inner joy'.

Be more sociable

I'm currently lucky enough to rent a big lovely home (that one day we'd like to buy) and recently hosted our first party in it after settling down for the past few months. We had all of mine and my partners family there and really enjoyed it. I myself don't come from a big family so feel a great sense of togetherness when people get together. I'm already excited for summer so that we can host BBQ's and parties.

Blog more

As much as I had a mini prawn star break, it was on my mind that I had neglected it! My biggest frustration is growing a platform on social media. It takes time and isn't as easy as typing out your thoughts and feels. I want to aim to update the blog once a week at least, which I think is achievable if I set my mind to it. I'm determined not to get into a slump. I really want to branch out my beauty and lifestyle content too, as these are subjects I really enjoy writing and am passionate about.

Get my peach into gear

Sorry to bore you with a fitness goal, but I seriously need to get back into the real world, lose some weight and tone up. I got in my gym kit for the first time this week and could really tell how much I'd put on by how 'un-baggy' they now are. I don't need to drastically change my body shape, but know that if I tone up and lose weight will be so much more confident with myself. I have until May until we to go to Spain (staying in this amazing sea view apartment may I add) to get into shape. I have such pretty bikinis that I really can't let go to waste!


On the travel note, my biggest wish for this year is to finallllly visit Toronto, Canada. Ever since I was young I have been intrigued by this place and have always wanted to explore it. I'm lucky that my boyfriend has family in Canada, so would be looking to spend some of our time with them to get a real sense of Canadian living too. With this though, we need to be sensible with our savings to afford to do it properly.

Become a more confident driver

I passed my driving test in September of 2017 and have driven almost every day since, but they're mainly short journeys. I've mastered one motorway (a pathetic excuse of one) but really want to go on more to build up my confidence on faster roads. I really don't want to be the type of driver that shies away from long journeys as I'll never get to the places I couldn't as a non-driver. I think a tacky theme park trip may be in order.

I'll have to see just how many of these goals I achieve this year, which I don't think are too out of reach at all.

Keep checking my travel section for those holiday snaps, too!


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